FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

All you ever wanted to know about camping Arolla without ever daring to ask

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Here you will find all the answers to questions that our customers usually ask us.


Why can not we book a place?

  • Our pitches are not delimited and have no numbers. For this reason, it is impossible to reserve individual seats.
  • The campsite is large and we almost always have sufficient space to welcome all campers
  • For groups, please contact us through the form on the right side of the page …

Do you have tents to rent?

  • On reservation, we rent tents 2 or 34 people (see pricing section).
  • However we do not rent a cottage or caravan.
  • And of course we rent our (now famous) tents Cocoon & Cozy

I heard about your tents "Cocoon & Cozy". What is it ?

  • These are all-inclusive luxury tents, double bed & wood stove
  • all information and booking online on our dedicated website https://www.cocoon-arolla.com

I would like to come without a car, is it possible?

  • Yes. We have a lot of guests coming with no car and staying several weeks on the campsite.
  • All services and shops are accessible by walking or by bus. No need for a car.
  • We have more and more people coming by airplane to Geneva and then by train and bus (see Contact link).

The campsite

Is there Internet access at the campsite?

  • Yes. Most parts of the campground are covered by a Wifi (Wlan) network.
  • This network is free for our guests.

Are there electrical connections?

  • Yes, some parts of the campsite pitches have electric connections.
  • Terrace A (for caravans and camper vans) has 10 amp european plug connections.
  • Terrace B (for tents) has also a few 10 amp swiss plug connections.

Is there a swimming pool?

  • Unfortunately, no.

Food & drinks

Do you have a grocery store?

  • YYes we have a small grocery store with very good local and artisanal products.
  • As well as some vegan products, gas, drinks
  • In the village (15 minuts walk or 3 minuts by car) you’ll find two bigger groceries.

Do you sell bread?

  • Yes, we sell bread, but it must be ordered the day before at our reception.

Do you have a freezer to deposit blocks of ice?

  • Yes. You can use the freezer for your iceblocks.
  • We don’t accept either water bottles or food in the freezer. It is strictly reserved for ice blocks.

Do you do eatery and drinks ?

  • Not directly at the campsite.
  • But we do cook and serve food continuously, all day, in our bar/restaurant La Gouille located 3km from the campsite.
  • More information on www.lagouille.com

Can I pay with a credit card?

  • Yes. We accept most credit and bank cards.

The environment of the campsite

What is the sunshine at the campsite?

  • The sunshine times vary in the season.
  • The sun arrives at 8h30 and leaves at 19h00 beginning of July.
  • End of August, the sun arrives at 9h30 and leaves at 18h30.
  • You can see it live on our webcam.

What is the temperature at night?

  • This is difficult to predict. It depends on the periods, the winds etc …
  • Usually we have between 4°C and 7°C in the morning but it can get colder.
  • It is recommended to have gear adapted to this altitude.

Is it ok to make fire?

  • It is strictly forbidden to have such fires on our beautiful alpine grass!
  • Elevated barbecues are allowed but you should respect your neighbours.

Can I come to the campsite with my dog?

  • Our dog friends (on a leash) are welcome at the campsite. See prices.
  • On the other hand they are strictly forbidden in Cocoon tents.

What are the maps that cover the area of ​​Arolla?

  • We recommend the 125000 map from TopoRando named « Val d’Hérens ».
  • This map covers all the valley. It is still available at the Bournissen Sports store in the village of Arolla.

Do not hesitate to contact us

Contact Us


We are at your disposal for any question or simple request for information.

No need to ask to booking/reservation

WARNING there is NO ADVANCE BOOKING for pitches for the camping because the pitches are not predefined.

There is room for our guests, even without booking. To this day we have never refused campers.
You just have to come to the campsite.

But if you really, really, really (did I said really ?) want to be sure, you can always give us a call 2 to 3 days before your arrival.

Reservations are only for our luxury tents Cocoon

For questions about the price of your stay, or to rent a tent this is here.

And for the anything else, we are at your disposal for any other question or simple request for information.

Where to find us

Camping Arolla - Route de Tsalion, 8 - 1986 Arolla - Switzerland

Access to the campsite

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from June to September

Opening Dates

The campsite is open.

The campsite opens the Jun 15, 2019 and is closed from Sep 15, 2019

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